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These photos are a selección from the Rodríguez Archives (José Luis and José Alfredo Rodríguez).   Please see:  Archivo Histórico y Fotográfico de Puerto Rico – Colección Rodríguez , and Archivo Histórico Y Fotográfico De Puerto Rico’s photostream .
Photos used with permission / Fotos usadas con permiso.

MOSCIONI (ATTRIBUTED) RPPC ~ SAN JUAN – Recinto Sur [showing Trolleys & R. R. Station] – Mailed from Aguadilla JUL 7, 1925.

MOSCIONI (ATTRIBUTED) RPPC ~ SAN JUAN – American R. R. Station – Unused c. 1910’s-1920’s.

MOSCIONI (ATTRIBUTED) RPPC ~ SAN JUAN – American Rail-Road Station – Mailed from San Juan APR 7, 1925.

CPG #151 – Ayuntamiento, City Hall, San Juan, Puerto Rico. – Mailed from Ensenada JUL 26, 1910.

DPC #7414 – The Plaza, San Juan, Puerto Rico – Unused & Mailed San Juan NOV 30, 1904)

SAN JUAN – Untitled View of a Puerto Rico Railway Light & Power Co. Trolley crossing Trolley Bridge – RPPC unused c. 1910’s.)

PR RR Historian [deleted] (33 months ago) –
This is the trolley bridge over the Martin Pena Canal. Note a damaged part of a bridge to the rear. There was a derailment on this bridge when an American Railroad freight car left the track and smashed into the bridge side, shifting it on its pier and causing part of the bridge to collapse. It took quite a while to clear the mess, so  this shot was taken in the period where the wreckage had been cleared and repair was underway.

Sings-With-Spirits (19 months ago)-
This was the centermost of three bridges; one of the cart bridge’s pier can just barely be seen behind the trolley bridge.  The photograph was likely taken from the remaining bridge; a heavy iron truss rail bridge.

SANTURCE – Condado, P. R. Trolley Car. – RPPC unused c. 1910’s.)

CB Set 3 # 11995 – SANTURCE – Parque Borinquen, Santurce, P. R. – Divided back unused c. 1910 Published by A. C. Bosselman & Co., NY (ACB). Note the electric trolley travelling through the park.

Moscioni RPPC (Attributed) – SANTURCE – Condado Town at San Juan, P. R. – Mailed SJ NOV 29, 1920.

Moscioni RPPC (Attributed) – SAN JUAN – American Colonial Bank, San Juan, P. R. [Trolley] – Unused c. 1910’s.)

MOSCIONI RPPC ~ SAN JUAN – Federal Building [Electric Trolley Car #15] – Unused)

pr gal 1942 (31 months ago)

Car #15 is a Stephenson product, part of an order dating to 1901 that included cars #11 to 17. These were my own personal favorites the line used. In the background, the old Ubarri terminal is seen, out of use by the railroad which was replaced by the trolley.

The trolley is outbound and would soon pass the new station  of the American Railroad as it headed towards Puerta Tierra.

Sings-With-Spirits (19 months ago)

Photograph taken from Banco Mercantil y Agricola.

OLD SAN JUAN – Crowds & Trolleys at Parade 18 DEC 1919. – RPPC unused.)

– PR RR Historian [deleted] (36 months ago)-
The building below the line of trolley was the terminal and
shop of Don Pablo Ubarri’s Tranvia de la Capital a Rio Piedras,
a steam powered 30″ gauge railroad whose route became
most of that used by the new trolley system, the San Juan Light
and Transit Co. (US Standard gauge). This site became the
original terminus of the new American Railroad until the new
station was built. One of the postcards in the Rodriguez Collection
shows a train ready to leave this spot, taken from the opposite
direction and at the lower level.
In this photo, you can see the tower on the San Juan American
RR railroad station, so this postdates the above mention of the
train leaving this spot. By this point in time, the San Juan Light
& Transit had become property a Canadian company and the
cars were lettered Porto Rico Railway, Light & Power Co..
– Sings-With-Spirits (19 months ago) –
The street where the trolleys are is Recinto Rur St.
The Ubarri building and yard is today the site of the Felisa Rincon de Gautier Parking Garage, colloquially known as “El Parkin de Doña Fela”.

FL (Liebig) RP – SAN JUAN – Paseo Covadonga, San Juan, P. R. – Unused.)
The white building on the left has a large sign across it that says: French Telegraph Cable Company. The trolley has a sign on the top indicating its destination: GARAGE. The conductor is on the front closest to you, the viewer.

PR RR Historian [deleted] (33 months ago)

The building that is set lower than the street where the trolley is
heading into Old San Juan was the shop and terminal of the Tranvia
de la Capital a Rio Piedras, the first commuter railroad into Old San
Juan from outside the city. The railroad was built by Don Pablo Ubarri, and later sold to the San Juan Light & Transit Co., that turned the railroad into an electric trolley system using the Ubarri right of way from San Juan out to Rio Piedras and later to the Condado. This
building later became a temporary station for the American Railroad while it build its new stone and cement building a few blocks further out of the city.

pr gal 1942 (29 months ago)

The trolley in the picture is one of the “jaulas”, named so because
of their safety wire mesh on the sides. These were the second
highest capacity cars on the Porto Rico Railway Light & Transit
Co. system surpassed only by the later Peter Witt style Perley-
Thomas trolley cars (which were the last ones to run on the San
Juan street railway system. Both of these larger cars had to be
careful turning the sharp curves in the top of Old San Juan, as
their overhang could strike a pedestrian not keeping back as they
executed these turns.

Sings-With-Spirits (19 months ago)

The Ubarri building is sitting in what is today the Doña Felisa Rincon de Gautier Parking Garage (“El Parking de Doña Fela”).
On the far right, peeking up from behind the trees is the clock tower of the ARR terminal.
The shot is actually showing Recinto Sur St.: it turns into PaseoCovadonga somewhere around the ARR terminal.

MOSCIONI RPPC ~ SAN JUAN – Panorama [Two Trolley Cars] – Unused.

EF # 3632 (No. 120) – SAN JUAN – Colon Plaza (Trolley), San Juan, P. R. – Unused.)

SAN JUAN, P. R. RPPC – View of the C. O. Lord & Co. Building [una Ferreteria] on the Left and Trolley on the Right – Unused Velox PC c. 1910’s)

Sings-With-Spirits (19 months ago)

Looking north up Tanca St. from Comercio St.

TheUbarri line terminal building is visible on the right, where the Doña Fela Parking garage is located today.


Trolley Route in San Juan
Ruta del tranvía en San Juan

Waldrop Photo Co. Set No. 10 MISC. ITEMS – Map of San Juan Published 1914 – Unused

Double wide post card shows a map of Old San Juan. Published and Copyrighted 1914 by Waldrop Photographic Co., San Juan.

Sings-With-Spirits (22 months ago)

This map is worth GOLD. It took me years to piece together the trolley route through OSJ and here it is… on a silver platter!

See / Ver:

U.S. Geological Survey.  San Juan quadrangle, Puerto Rico [map]. Surveyed in 1939-1940.  1;30000.  7.5 Minute Series.  United States Department of the Interior, USGS, 1941. <>

Tramways of Puerto Rico / Tranvías de Puerto Rico.  Copyright by Allen Morrison.
San Juan – , – This was put online on 1 November 2008.  Esto es una página sobre los tranvías de San Juan, Caguas y Cataño.  Photos used with permission / Fotos usadas con permiso.







Originalment el tranvía eléctrico operaba entre  San Juan y Río Piedras.  La ruta tiene sus comienzos en el tranvía de vapor de Pablo Ubarri.

Originally the electric trolley operated between San Juan and Río Piedras.  The route has its beginnings with the steam tram of Pablo Ubarri.

Steam Tram of Pablo Ubarri, 76 cm / Tranvía de Rió Piedras a San Juan, 76 cm






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