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These photos are a selection from the Rodríguez Archives (José Luis and José Alfredo Rodríguez).   Please see:  Archivo Histórico y Fotográfico de Puerto Rico – Colección Rodríguez , and Archivo Histórico Y Fotográfico De Puerto Rico’s photostream .
Photos used with permission / Fotos usadas con permiso.

Liebig # 109 – Street Car, MAYAGUEZ, P. R. (Mule Drawn Trolley) – Unused & Mailed San Juan FEB 5, 1912.)

MAYAGUEZ – Horse Drawn Trolley – Untitled Real Photo Post Card unused & Mailed AUG 8, 1921)

Exceptional RPPC of an early horse drawn trolley.

PR RR Historian [deleted] (35 months ago)

Probably most people miss an important item in this photo. At the    left, behind the animal-drawn Mayaguez Tramway car is a French     Cail locomotive probably headed to piers to switch or pick up cars of freight. The tracks of the tramway crossed the Cia. Ferrocarriles de PR tracks here, so it was prudent for the driver of the tram to check out the tracks before poking across them with his rig.

TP Co. 340 RP – MAYAGUEZ – Tramway, Mayaguez, P. R.)

TPCo. stands for Tourist Photographic Company, the name that Hayman gave his shop and studio in Mayaguez. This series is numbered and carries the TPCo logo.

Probably on Mendez Vigo Street. Nice architectural building.

Phipps, Photo Group 2 – MAYAGUEZ – Horse Car Trolley at Mayaguez, P. R. – Unused.
Horse-drawn trolley in front of Shoe store. Thomas E. Phipps, Photographer, Ponce, P.R.

Phipps, Photo Group 2 – MAYAGUEZ – Horse Car Trolley at Mayaguez, P. R. – Unused.)  Horse-drawn trolley in front of Shoe store. Thomas E. Phipps, Photographer, Ponce, P.R.

Hayman’s Tourist Shop RP Type 2 – MAYAGUEZ – Mayaguez Tramway Co. No. 2 [Battery Operated Trolley Car])

A full card close-up of the trolley with its curtains down used to protect passengers from rain, heavy sun, etc.

LM RP card 6 – Electric Trolley on Main Street, Mayaguez, P. R.)

The store where the trolley is has a sign that says Almacenes de Franco & Co. Sucesores de …” Trolley has a poster announcing a baseball game. The carriage on the right is a “publico” or taxi and has the Mayaguez sign on the back.

LM RP card 6a – Electric Trolley on Main Street, Mayaguez, P. R – Trolley closeup)

Real Photo Post Card views of the electric trolley is Mayaguez are rare. This is car No. 3. A poster hangs in front announcing a Base Ball Game to take place in Mayaguez.

PR RR Historian [deleted] (35 months ago)

Tranvia Electrico Mayaguez’s American Car & Foundry Co. battery-
electric trolley car is shown climbing up to the plaza on Calle
McKinley. This is one of four such cars purchased by the new
owner of the franchise formerly held by the animal-drawn tramway.
Built in 1915 at AC&F’s Jackson & Sharp plant and equipped with
Gould storage batteries, these 30″ gauge beauties attempted to
offer speedier transportation up from the waterfront area to the
plaza. But by later in the day, the batteries began to dwindle in
power, often stranding the car or forcing passengers to disembark
and push. The original “ferrocarril de sangre” used an uncommon
type of rail with crossties, in the form of a slitted tube and designated
the Pickett style. The electric trolley had to lay all new trolley-type
rail of 30″ size. Those nasty gasoline powered automobiles, publicos, clandestine taxis and bus companies drove this less-
efficient relic out of business. Cars were last seen as late as the
1940s stored next to the abandoned station and freighthouse of
the Linea Ferrea del Oeste in Bayamon.

Cars were charged at the ice and electric plant in Mayaguez.

Hayman’s Tourist Shop RP Type 1 – MAYAGUEZ – Street Scene, Mayaguez, P. R. [Battery Trolley Car No. 1])

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Tramways of Puerto Rico / Tranvías de Puerto Rico.  Copyright by Allen Morrison.  Mayagüez –   –   The Tramways of Mayagüez

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