Locomotive Rosters of PR / Catálogo de locomotoras de PR

Locomotive Rosters of Puerto Rico / Catálogo de locomotoras de Puerto Rico

Baldwin and Vulcan Locomotives by Richard Dunn

Publications by Richard Dunn.

Narrow Gauge To No Man’s Land: U.S. Army 60 cm gauge railways of the First World War in France.  ISBN-10: 0961546727 ,   ISBN-13: 978-0961546724.  (History of US Army light railways during WWI.  Historia de los ferrocarriles del ejército de los Estados Unidos de vía estrecha de 60 cm en Francia durante la primera guerra mundial.)

The Climax Locomotive (Hardcover), by Dennis Thompson , (Author), Richard Dunn (Author), Steve Hauff (Author),  ISBN-10: 0964752166,  ISBN-13: 978-0964752160 .  Covers the history of the Climax Manufacturing Company and the locomotives they built.  Cubre la historia de la Climax Manufturing Co. y las locomotoras fabricadas.

Plymouth Locomotives

 Information added by author/ Información añadida por el autor.

Courtesy of Plymouth Locomotive Works, Inc., subsidiary of Banner Industries, Ohio (c. 1984) and Apuntes sobre el último ferrocarril de Puerto Rico, Ponce & Guayama Railroad, P&G.

Shay Locomotives

See :  Shay Locomotives at http://www.shaylocomotives.com/ .  Search using “Puerto Rico”.  There are over 20  Shay locomotives listed. Ver el enlace mencionado para ver un listado de sobre 20 locomotoras Shay.  Hacer una búsqueda usando las palabras “Puerto Rico”.

Locomotive Rosters – Railways of the West Indies, Part IV, Puerto Rico” by P. Allen Copeland, pages 147 – 212

See/Ver : Railways of the West Indies, Puerto Rico

Publications / Publicaciones by / de  P. Allen Copeland

Pacific Electric in Color Vol. I
Pacific Electric in Color Vol. II
Denver & Rio Grande Western in Color Vol. I
California Trolleys in Color Vol. I

He has also published in the Fall-Winter 2004 issue of RAILROAD HISTORY, ” Mainline Diesels and Electrics Before and After Castro”,  Illustrated rosters of Cuban Railways, and another on the GE 44-tonner locomotives that was printed in 1975 in X2200S, the Locomotive Newsmagazine.

Locomotive Rosters of locomotives sent to Puerto Rico by Robert Lehmuth from St. George, Utah

Link/Enlace to Locomotive Rosters PDF
Publications by Robert Lehmuth:

Arizona Rail Guide
Rail Guide – Central California
Rail Guide – Northern California
Rail Guide – Southern California

Mr. Lehmuth has also published over 60 comprehensive compilations of Builder Lists of US and Canadian locomotive builders.

Puerto Rico Railway and Locomotive Index by Eljas Pölhö, Helsinki, Findland

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