Luce & Co.

Prepared and published by the Defense Mapping Agency, Topographic Center, Washington, D. C., Map information as of 1977, Scale 1:50,000

Luce & Co.
Guayama y Arroyo
Gauge / Trocha (ancho de vía):  Meter / Metro y 30 in

Central Aguirre and Ponce & Guayama RR affiliate
Afiliado a la Central Aguirre y Ponce & Guayama RR (G32).
Ponce & Guayama Railroad

Luce & Co. is a part of the Ponce & Guayama RR.  It was originally the railroad of Central Machete and track was 30 in gauge.  It runs from Central Machete in the town of Guayama to Central Lafayette in the town of Arroyo.

Luce & Co. es parte de la Ponce & Guayama RR.   Originalmente pertenecía a la Central Machete y tenía un ancho de vía de 30″.   Corre desde la Central Machete en Guayama hasta la Central Lafayette en Arroyo.

National Atlas of the United States

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