Ferrocarriles de Puerto Rico

Ferrocarriles de Puerto Rico
San Juan a Ponce, San Juan a Carolina.
Gauge / Trocha (ancho de vía):  Meter / Metro.

Ferrocarril Francés / French Railroad
American Railroad – Operador / Operator
Compañía Ferroviaria de Circunvalación de Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Railroad & Transport Co.
San Juan Carolina Railroad? (San Juan to Carolina)

The American Railroad of Porto Rico operated Ferrocarriles de Puerto Rico,  better known as American Railroad.  **In 1920, the above two companies become part of Compañía Ferroviaria de Circunvalación de Puerto Rico.  (226 miles, Dep. of the Interior, letter, 1938).

La American Railroad de Porto Rico operaba Ferrocarriles de Puerto Rico.  En el 1920 las dos compañías se combinan en la Compañía Ferroviaria de Circunvalación de Puerto Rico.

Fotos:  Colección Ricardo Medina

La Compañía Ferroviaria de Circunvalación de Puerto Rico pasó a ser la Puerto Rico Railroad & Transport Co en el 19??.   San Juan Carolina Railroad?  Parte de la American Railroad que operaba entre San Juan a Carolina.

The Compañía Ferroviaria de Circunvalación de Puerto Rico became the Puerto Rico Railroad & Transport Co in 19??.   The San Juan Carolina Railroad (?) was part of American Railroad and operated from San Juan to Carolina.

Lehman, Tom. Train, Seen from Overpass with Man and Boy (Between 1944 and 1947 / #2097 / H. Clair Amstutz photo). 2007. Flickr. Web. 24 July 2013.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/tlehman/437448584/

[Sector El Túnel de Hormigueros, Carr 114 y 309, Hormigueros, PR.  La locomotora es una diesel, como en la foto anterior,  y los vagones son de los primeros que existieron en Puerto Rico, fabricados en Bélgica.  Área identificada por Efraín Martell.]

This is a most interesting photo for several reasons. It is late in the
history of the American Railroad and one of the diesels financed by
the US Government to assist operations on the ARR at the onset of
World War II is pulling a string of Belgian made ex-Cia. Ferrocarriles
de PR coaches dating to the late 1800s….. But why the old coaches,
when the ARRCo. owned a healthy fleet of more modern ones??
It is hard to identify the locomotive by brand, as both the Davenports
and the General Electric locomotives look quite the same at this
distance and at the poor angle.

The US Government seized the ARRCo. in 1941, but turned it back
to the original parties in 1944 when it was no longer considered
vital to defense or war efforts.

The demise of the American Railroad and the San Juan trolley
system represent several horrible mistakes allowed to happen to
a badly needed set of transportation modes for an overcrowded
Island like Puerto Rico……

Dave Deyo


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