American Railroad Co. of Porto Rico, Aguirre Operator

American Railroad Co. of  Porto Rico, Aguirre Operator

It became the Ponce and Guayama Railroad and is affiliated with Central Aguirre.  It bought from Ferrocarriles de Puerto Rico the part of the franchise that had to do with operations east of the town of Ponce.  The owners had also acquired Port America Co., a small railroad operation near the Aguirre sugar mill.  See Ponce & Guayama Railroad and Central Aguirre.

Precursor de la Ponce & Guayama Railroad y afiliada a la Central Aguirre.  Sus dueños habían adquirido la Port America Co. , un ferrocarril que operaba en el área de la hacienda Aguirre.  Ver Ponce & Guayama Railroad and Central Aguirre.

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