Central Lafayette

This sugar mill was located in the town of Arroyo. Gauge was 30in. It closed in 1971.  Its railroad – Asociación Azucarera Cooperativa Lafayette.

Esta central estaba localizada en el pueblo de Arroyo.  El ancho de vía era de 30 pulgadas. Cerró en el 1971.  Su ferrocarril – Asociación Azucarera Cooperativa Lafayette

Maps / Mapas:

Arroyo, PR (National Atlas of the United States)

Central Lafayette, Arroyo (National Atlas of the United States)

Ponce – Patillas  See / Ver: Asociación Azucarera Cooperativa Lafayette (Courtesy USGS)


Inauguration as PRRA Project under the sugar program

Central Lafayette at the time of its purchase to Sucrs. Fantauzzi, Arroyo, P.R.


Street and residence in Central Lafayette

Old mangers house called “The Fantauzzi House”.  US invassion forces used it as headquarters in 1898


Source / Fuente:  Asociación Azucarera Cooperativa Lafayette Hospital Lafayette, Francisco Vázquez Soto, Gerente General, Arroyo, Puerto Rico


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